How can the energy transition and the challenge to meet the Paris Agreement, be seen as an opportunity for Rotterdam to become circular?

What are the spatial effects of new perspectives on an urban waste management? A series of Pecha Kucha presentations for the event: “The city makes Waste, Waste makes the City” went in depth on this question. 

What makes Brussels unique? How segregated is the city compared to others? A debate between philosopher and sociologist Bleri Lleshi and urban designer David Dooghe.

What is the role of a designer in an Urban Circular Economy? Presentation at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. 

House DDR’dam was part of the monthly tour This is how I want to live (zo wil ik wonen) organised by the Architectural Institute Rotterdam (AIR).

How still, slow and silent is the city? In the talkshow Multitasken, David Dooghe was interviewed on his experiences as curator of Soundpiece.

Defining the Metropolis was input for INTA’s first Community of Competence on Innovative Metropolitan Development.

How to create a sustainable community? Festivalcity_Rotterdam was presented at an Enviu Workshop.

David Dooghe was invited at de De Unie Late Night for a debate with Arno Bonte, a member of the political party Groen Links.

Festivalcity_Rotterdam was presented at the EFA Workshop: the urban impact of artistic festivals.

What will be the role of the spatial planner concerning the circular economy? Which are the planning instruments she or he can use? For the VRP congress, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment Spatial Structural Plan of Flanders, David Dooghe was asked to shortly reflect on these questions.

How to rework the productive city? The project Urban Circular Economy was presented and debated upon with peers during Isocarp 2o15 Antwerp.

How to create new innovation and production areas? The project Urban Circular Economy was presented and debated upon with peers during Metropool Forum 2o15.

What makes a street attractive? Co-reference of the lecture of Ton Schaap in the series Street Talks.  

For the congress ‘Future Housing Formats for Young and Old’, organised by the Real Estate Society, David Dooghe was asked to kick off with a presentation on trends in youth culture and the effects on real estate.

During the Ruimteconferentie 2o11 organised by the Planbureau, David Dooghe presented the first results of the research ‘Defining the Metropolis, Randstad’.

On a warm summer day at the Coolsingel ‘the Rotterdam urban theatre’ was presented. This was a part of Parfum de Boem Boem, the artistic route alongside building plots.

Rik Grashoff, Aldermanof Rotterdam was a special guest during a presentation for WDKA students Event Management.

What if festival organisators and the spatial planning department would co-operate? Festivalcity_Rotterdam was presented to cultural and spatial planning experts from Rotterdam