The Rotterdam Institute for Art and Culture, dKC, published her advice for the strong cultural structure for central city: Cultuurprogramma Binnenstad 2o2o.




In the advice the four tasks for the future are: consolidate, concentrate, present and generate.

Some of these tasks are specifically concerning youngsters. Rotterdam should consolidate the starting creative class by creating a policy for breading grounds and creative working places. Rotterdam should generate more by investing in talent development of youngsters. In the new culture plan talent development should be more stimulated. Rotterdam should also attract more students in the city centre, by keeping the higher (cultural) education in the city centre and by creating student housing.

The definition of youngsters in the advice is very general and therefore the specific projects concerning youngsters do not show any big surprises or innovation.

The advice gives a good survey of long term investments in cultural infrastructure that have to be done. What is missed is a good survey of strict regulations that now make cultural expressions in the public space difficult. These regulations bring a lot of initiatives of youngsters to a halt today.