A design-research on how to develop empty plots in Rotterdam centre.


Due to the bombing and city improvement projects of the 70’s and 80’s there are many “fractures” in the urban tissue of Rotterdam. How could these voids in the urban tissue give new dynamics to the city? The architectural institute of Rotterdam (AIR) started up the design research project Plug & Play and asked several architects and urban designers to come up with solutions for these empty plots.

Together with Suite57, David Dooghe was appointed to the location at the Kruiskade. This team recognized the architectural intervention as a Plug-In in the current urban programme of the location. A Plug-In is a computer software tool, used to extend the current software. A Plug-In always needs its host to work, it can’t stand-alone.


20130626 3D trapview kleiner web


The programme of the Tuschinski house (a reference to the neighbouring former movie theatre) starts from the current nightlife qualities of the area and wants to strengthen these. The proposal exists of three parts: a tower with studio’s for students or graduates, situated at the back of the location, a low rise part with cultural or nightlife amenities, situated in the front of the location and finally an urban interior underneath the building that connects the building and its functions with the Kruiskade.


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The architecture refers to the typical after-war surface and line architecture of the surrounding buildings.


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AIR, 2o12, Rotterdam, the Netherlands