For the debate ‘The Shifting City’ organised by the Architectural Institute Nijmegen and the Art Centre LUX, David  Dooghe and Donica Buisman showed their first ideas on strategic temporary and long term programmes of future city island in Nijmegen.


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Due to potential danger of flood in Nijmegen and Lent, the city is shifting a dike to make more space for the water. From 2016 this results in a new island in the middle of the river Waal.

For this future island to become a vibrant space it is important to start right now and use the different stages of its realisation in a strategic development.

The dynamics of the water and the current attachment of the inhabitants of Nijmegen and Lent to this place form the framework for these programmes. This (future) island offers spaces for temporary use like sports, gardening, food, beaches, short stay, wellness and festivals.


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The current houses and catering service of the island are kept a much as possible and intensified with living, working and meeting places for creative entrepreneurs. These entrpreneurs organise or support the different temporary uses on the island.



Aswell the principle to start right now, as the idea to make an economic and social connection between the community that permanent lives/works on the island and the temporary activities that take place, caught the attention of the alderman of urban development Jan van der Meer.


This project was done in a co-operation between Donica Buisman and David Dooghe.


AIN & Art Centre LUX, 2o12, Nijmegen, the Netherlands