A city experience exhibition in what might be the smallest gallery in the world.


De Aanschouw Rotterdam started July 6th 2oo1 and is the first of art show-windows. It is located in a cultural area of Rotterdam. The show-window is attached to the exterior of a bar called 'de Schouw’. Since 2oo1, almost 4oo artists (national and international) have shown their works at 'de Aanschouw'.


davids werk


City Gallery Cool sees Rotterdam as an open air museum and exhibits a new way to experience this museum, by drawing the attention of the spectator to the richness of detail that can be seen by walking through the city.

These details can be: proportions between the architecture and the details of the use of a building, personal expressions in the public space, natural versus cultural,...

De Aanschouw will be the starting point from where the total City Gallery Cool, positioned in the neighbourhood of the district Cool (Witte de Withstraat, Boomgaardsstraat, Kortenaerstraat, Eendrachtstraat), can be experienced.


De Aanschouw, 2o1o, Rotterdam, the Netherlands