An analysis with recommendations on how Rotterdam can become an attractive, young and creative city.


In 2oo9 Rotterdam was the first European youth capital. This created a lot of energy in the city around problems of youngsters and opportunities for youngsters. Within different local authorities was examined how this generated energy can be applied in the future policy.

In co-operation with Donica Buisman, project manager European Youth Capital at the Rotterdam Institute for Art and Culture, dKC, an analysis of the current situation of the problems of youngsters and opportunities for youngsters in Rotterdam was made by literature study, interviews and brainstorm sessions with different youth organisations. Next to this the tendencies of youth culture in general was investigated.

The analysis was converted in conclusions and recommendations how to make Rotterdam an attractive, young and creative city.

Rotterdam has all the potential to become an attractive, young and creative city. There is, especially within the offered cultural activities, a strong basis to attract the youngsters. The main recommendations for Rotterdam were that the authorities have to stake more on the top talent and anchor youth participation in the programming, the organisation and the communication.


The advice was officially presented in Your Space, Rotterdam.

After the presentation of the analysis there was a panel discussion with Corry Prinsen (O.T.Theater), Siebe Thissen (CBK Rotterdam) and Marianne van de Velde (jong RRKC). They recognized the conclusions of the research. They were also happy with the practical recommendations on how to reach youngsters. It is a combination of offer, organisation of the offer and communication. Siebe Thissen had a critical note about the recommendations: ‘The city should not pamper the youngster too much either, you working hard is part of the development process.’ A girl responded that she is willing to work hard to develop her talent, but now she has to put all her energy in arranging possibilities to develop her talent and therefore not focussed on what she should be doing to become a talented dancer.


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2oo9, Rotterdam , The Netherlands