The publication Innovative City Port provides a long-term vision, a strategic framework and development strategy for the northern part of Eilandje and Steenborgerweert, Antwerp.

If the shared economy is no longer a niche economy, how will this affect the city? A paper describing the Urban Circular Passport, written for Plandag 2017: Shared Space. 

Interview with David Dooghe by Weekend Knack on circular economy.

Get local authorities and regions the opportunity to further strengthen their integrated methodology and expand this into the European Urban Agenda? For Plandag 2o16 ‘Expanding’, David Dooghe wrote the paper ‘The European Urban Agenda versus the European practise’.

The research question, method and first results of the Urban Circular Economy project were described for Plandag 2o15, ‘Making Space’

Interview with David Dooghe by Holland Media on sharing economy.

David Dooghe was selected to contribute to the Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2o14 (Grand Rotterdam Art Calendar). 

House DDR’dam has been added to the database of Rotterdam Woont.

Do the Dutch and the Fleming secretly envy each other’s urban design practice? Article in CITIES The Magazine, issue #o2: “EMERGING CENTERS”  

An advice on what is the economical surpluses of investments in the quality (architecture, public space and amenities) of the inner city.

Interview with David Dooghe by Fokus on living in the future (smart) city.

Until now the Rotterdam urban fabric seems to be flexible enough to absorb the first spatial impacts of the Next Economy. But to accelerate the transition, Rotterdam has a grand city renewal task ahead. An essay for the Economic Outlook Rotterdam 2017.

The publication Urban Circular Economy (Stedelijke Circulaire Economie) offers the initial outcomes of the research. It gives an overview of the three scenarios, and ends with concept Urban Circular Passports for the Cities of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Interview with David Dooghe by NRC on House DDR'dam.

This book presents a contemporary overview of our most ubiquitous cultural phenomena - festivals. It is able to do so by taking a powerful and unique case-study focused, theoretically rigorous and pan-European approach.

Interview with David Dooghe by magazine ArchitectuurNL on House DDR'dam.

The publication Metro in Progress offers the initial outcomes of the first series of interviews and meetings with a range of stakeholders, addressing metropolitan challenges and dilemmas.

How metropolitan are the Netherlands and how can the different centres in the Dutch urban network increase their (metropolitan) attractiveness?

How did the piecing together of different initiatives gradually give rise to the urban cultural foyer at Schouwburgplein? Article on Soundpiece in CITIES The Magazine issue #o2: “EMERGING CENTERS”.

The starting point for a Metropolitan Strategy for the Netherlands, as a result of the Interperspective Perspectives series