An urban design project on the symbiotic collaboration between the community, connected by the Summer Carnival, and the district Afrikaanderwijk creating a strong identity for both.


The Summer Carnival is the largest festival in Rotterdam. This procession, that takes months of preparation, is taking over the central city the last weekend of July, to disappear again for a year.


12verbinding toekfestzw


12verbinding toek rustzw


This urban design project uses the preparing programme, long term and temporary, of the Summer Carnival as a catalyst for the development of a district. Looking at social, cultural and demographical data, the district of Afrikaanderwijk could be the perfect breeding ground in Rotterdam to create a cultural incubator for the community connected by the Summer Carnival.


12afrikaanderplein fase1.2.festival

Phase o1

12afrikaanderplein fase2.2fest

Phase o2


This urban design project is part of the case studies that substantiate Festivalcity_Rotterdam a strategy for the symbiotic collaboration of festivals and urban development, creating a strong identity for both.


Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, 2oo8, Rotterdam, the Netherlands