Organising and leading a co-creation process between the youngsters of Rotterdam and different stakeholders in the city to accomplish projects concerning the creation of Rotterdam as a Vibrant City. 


In 2oo9, a divers and motivated group of 15o Rotterdam youngsters, R'damse Nieuwe, created a vision for the future development of Rotterdam. Together with different stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental), Rotterdamse Nieuwe now work on different projects to implement this vision into the development of Rotterdam.

The vision is subdivided in different themes; Vibrant City is one of these themes. The goals of Vibrant City is to create more and/or better: _cultural research and development facilities for youngsters _diverse temporary use of empty spaces _cultural activities of, for and with youngsters _inviting public space for youngsters _affordable housing in the inner city for students and young people who want to buy their first house.

As a member of the Young Economic Development Board Rotterdam David Dooghe was requested to direct Vibrant City.


R'damse Nieuwe, 2o1o, Rotterdam, the Netherlands