A design for a bathroom, creating serenity on a minimal surface.


How to make of 3,2 square meter bathroom, a serene space you enjoy being in? The materials and colours used are modest and matched. By doing so the room is perceived as one element instead of a collection of different elements. The concrete plaster used on the walls is a strong combining element. This plaster gives the wall the texture of natural stone.


CarinaHesper Badkamer 0417


In order to create visual effects that enlarge the bathroom, two steps were taken. By creating niches, more depth was given to the walls. In these niches, toiletries, , can be stored and they do not clutter. Even used daily, the bathroom keeps it’s serenity. Secondly, above eyelevel the walls and ceiling are painted white. By doing so, the bathroom is not perceived as a closed concrete box, but the white wall and ceiling open up the space and create the visual effect that the room is larger.


CarinaHesper Badkamer 0424A

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Jan Misker en Carina Hesper, 2o16, Rotterdam, the Netherlands