Curating the sound gallery of the Schouwburgplein that reflects the cultural live of the city of Rotterdam.


Since the NewCanvas©Poetry&Art, part of the 37 Poetry International Festival, there is a sound-installation, the Soundpiece, under the floor of the Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam. This installation was placed by the artists Jasper Niens, Kamiel Verschuren en Thijs Ewalts.


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By order of Rotterdam Festivals, the new owners of the installation, a strategy was made for a sustainable use of this installation. The Soundpiece has the ability to make the Schouwburgplein the urban cultural foyer of Rotterdam. By sound, the rich and divere cultural life of Rotterdam is spread in the public space.


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Vereniging Verenigd Schouwburgplein, 2oo9-2o13, Rotterdam, the Netherlands