An urban design project about the symbiotic collaboration of the different Rotterdam festivals and city centre of Rotterdam, creating a strong identity for both.


The last decade Rotterdam has been the breeding ground for many festivals. These festivals are the celebrations of a community. The celebrations of most of these festivals take place in the city centre of Rotterdam. In the time-space capsule that festivals are, the city shows its different identities to others, citizens or foreigners.

13stad theater


The concept of this project perceives the city centre as a theatre. The Coolsingel and the Schiedamse dijk, with their different identities as economical, political, commercial and maritime centre become the central trillzone of Rotterdam with the public space as the main stage and the buildings as the scenery. Between this trillzone and the parking garages, public transport stops is the foyer of the theatre, the chillzone of the festivals. In this zone, shops, restaurant and cafes are supporting the experience of the whole festival.

The public space creates multi-functional (in space and time) urban locations. In daily use as well as when used for a festival, this space invites you to linger.


13impressiecoolsingel parade

13impressiecoolsingel waterlaag


This urban design project is part of the case studies that substantiate Festival City_Rotterdam, a strategy for the symbiotic collaboration of festivals and urban development, creating a strong identity for both.


Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst, 2oo8, Rotterdam, the Netherlands