You learn as you go along. A next step in the program strategy for the Buikslotermeerplein was improving one of the square’s entrances.


Temporarily programming the public space is wider than organising events. By adding simple spatial elements for a longer period, a new use of the public space can be tested and lessons can be learned for the final design.


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Picture Hans van der Vliet


As a part of the Large Square project, the pedestrian route from the Western parking space to the market square was furbished, this to enhance it’s residence quality. Plants and sitting places were added. A colourful running track brings you to the market place and the former sombre area under the viaduct is now a gallery of Graffiti art.

Floor Overgaauw is responsible for the design, in cooperation with local partners in the area.


For this project David Dooghe was an advisor for State of Flux.