The installation The Circular Pantry enables participants to discover the existing, however often unknown, possibilities of food flows in a house and neighbourhood.

The Circular Pantry (Circulaire Voorraadkast) is an experimental, interactive installation and is a part of the Urban Circular Economy research. During the food event Aan tAfel’ (at the table) of Stadslab 2050 on October 17th, 2016 in Antwerp, the installation was set up for the first time.




Via a short questionnaire on their daily groceries, cooking and waste management, the participants could test which role they would include in a circular food system: a circular consumer, a prosumer or user. From the result of the questionnaire, the pantry part of the installation showed the participant which Antwerp initiatives would support their preferred food flow. Hanging opposite of the pantry, a map of the Antwerp region showed where these initiatives are located. This allowed the participants to check which initiatives were near their house or on their route to work. Between both elements stood a table, showing additional information on the different circular food systems.

The most common roles were by far the circular consumer and the user, and finally prosumer.