Crowd Force Rotterdam is an initiative of Rotterdamse Nieuwe that, by connecting people, goods and knowledge, brings supply and demand together. By doing so the city’s new economic power can push forward ideas and initiatives that will make Rotterdam a more vibrant city 



Crowd Force Rotterdam first selects different initiatives that contribute to a more vibrant city. Rotterdamse Nieuwe organises ameeting in which these initiatives can pose two questions to the invited crowd with knowledge on community building, financing, marketing, social media, design or other. In small groups the crowd gives advice, opens their networks and make future appointments. Rotterdamse Nieuwe has the ambition to organise such an event every half year.
Next to these lager events, Rotterdamse Nieuwe organises smaller expert meetings among the participating initiatives on specific topics. Furthermore, they use different communication canals (Gers, Vers Beton, RN Blog) to inform a broader public on these initiatives.